Sunday, 7 July 2013

Soccer Fun Day, Fete and Volunteers this weekend


The latest News!

This saturday we need your help!

The Holland Park Hawks are allowing us to go to their fields to collect signatures and letters to oppose the sale of our school oval.

We need as many helpers as possible, you will be provided with letter templates and paper petitions.

All you need to do is ask people to sign the petition and fill in the reason why they object to the sale of the oval and sign at the bottom with an email or postal address. These will be collected and given to the appropriate minister for the writers location.

Soccer family fun day - SAVE THE OVAL CUP  -   4th of August

We have found a date for our soccer comp and display of what the oval could be used for!

Please put it in your diary as well as the schools fete on 

27th of July - 
 There will be plenty of opportunities to talk to local MP's at the fete too as they are opening it and drawing raffles.

KEEP WRITING!   - DON'T GIVE UP  is the address we have been given in letters of response from the Ministers office, so please include him an any correspondence you send regarding your objection to the sale of the oval

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