Sunday, 7 July 2013

Soccer Fun Day, Fete and Volunteers this weekend


The latest News!

This saturday we need your help!

The Holland Park Hawks are allowing us to go to their fields to collect signatures and letters to oppose the sale of our school oval.

We need as many helpers as possible, you will be provided with letter templates and paper petitions.

All you need to do is ask people to sign the petition and fill in the reason why they object to the sale of the oval and sign at the bottom with an email or postal address. These will be collected and given to the appropriate minister for the writers location.

Soccer family fun day - SAVE THE OVAL CUP  -   4th of August

We have found a date for our soccer comp and display of what the oval could be used for!

Please put it in your diary as well as the schools fete on 

27th of July - 
 There will be plenty of opportunities to talk to local MP's at the fete too as they are opening it and drawing raffles.

KEEP WRITING!   - DON'T GIVE UP  is the address we have been given in letters of response from the Ministers office, so please include him an any correspondence you send regarding your objection to the sale of the oval

Monday, 17 June 2013

I have made myself a couple of tshirts to 
wear around the neighbourhood.

If you would like the file emailed to you let me know

 A new flyer that should help us get the message out. You can print it out and keep a couple on you for when you talk to neighbours or family about the oval

From our Public Meeting

Friday, 14 June 2013

PUBLIC MEETING  14th June 2013

It was a great turnout 160 people gave up their Friday night to join us in the hall and hear what the local MP's had to say about the sale of the oval.  I know there are many more who wanted to be there as well.

In a nutshell we were told we need to get writing to our local MP's Please take a couple of minutes to lodge your protest against the sale of the oval

Steve Minnikin and
Ian Kaye

If email isn't your thing

Chatsworth Electorate Office Address
Unit 1, Millennium Business Centre
Millennium Bvd

Electorate Office Postal Address
PO Box 1565

Phone: (07) 3398 4777
Fax: (07) 3398 4680

Greenslopes Electorate Office Address
Shop 3, Coorparoo Village Shopping Centre
358 Old Cleveland Road

Phone: (07) 3394 3956
Fax: (07) 3397 0354

It would also be great to send the same email to the following people
Andrew Powell Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection

John-Paul Langbroek Minister for Education, Training and Employment

Adrian Schrinner Deputy Lord Mayor and Councillor for the Chandler Ward

Premier Campbell Newman

Mr Kaye told us at our initial meeting with him that if he heard it from the community he would tell it to the minister and he said this again at the meeting last night. Mr Minnikin has now done an about face and said he too will take this message to the minister if he hears it from the community, he did however keep mentioning the 30 odd thousand people who live in an electorate. So I guess what we need to do is pinpoint just how many letters he has to see before he will do as he promised last night and be a 'champion' for our oval and appose the sale. 3 questions from the floor asked the same thing of Mr Minnikin and Mr Kaye and eventually we got a definitive YES from both MP's.

There is also a petition that we need you to sign

Last night we heard environmental, educational and health and well being reasons not to sell the oval, in fact saving green space is part of the Brisbane City Councils plan and getting people physically active is part of the Queensland Plan that is being  devised at the moment through consultation meetings around the state. There is also interest from local sporting associations in using the land as they are at capacity and even possible improvement and management for the future. And we were shown amazing support from Kevin Rudd our Federal MP.


Lets not let this valuable resource slip through our fingers for the sake of some emails. PLEASE get typing, ask your family, friends and neighbours to do it to. Get your kids to send an email, they use the oval and will learn a lot about how politics works through this fight!

We need to lift the profile of our fight to get more people signing the petition, you can collect signatures for us. Just email me at and I will send you the paper petition.

Join me outside the school hall for the Queensland Plan meeting this Wednesday 19th of June from 5pm to hold signs 6.30pm to collect more signatures and draw attention to the potential sale of the land.  I will have signs ready and petitions! I need your help

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Have we been told the truth?

Today in The Courier Mail Minister John-Paul Langbroek (who still hasn't responded to requests for meetings or any inquiries via phone or email) has said that all the properties are definitely up for sale or already under contract.

Ian Kaye and Steve Minnikin have told us there has been no decision made yet.

Has the Minister not told the local State Members what is going on or are they being shy with the truth?

There are legislated processes that have to be gone through when assets are sold, CONSULTATION is one of them, we are yet to have a conversation, let alone consultation.

This will be my first question on Friday night 14th June  7pm at the Whites Hill State College Hall.

Click the link to find a partial list of properties with addresses, some are still listed as Lot numbers only.

Friday, 31 May 2013

My notes from our meeting with Deputy Mayor Adrian Schrinner


I am not as positive as I hoped I would be after this meeting.

However, the message I heard loud and clear is that we need to email or write to our local members, Councillors, the local paper and anywhere else we can think of to get our message across. 
Take a few minutes and do it now, it doesn't have to be long, just let them know you want to keep the oval for future generations or take inspiration from our petition.

If we say nothing the oval will go - if we tell them that we don't want it sold, we CAN SAVE THE OVAL
Andrew Powell Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection

John-Paul Langbroek Minister for Education, Training and Employment

Ian Kaye Member for Greenslopes

Steve Minnikin Member for Chatsworth

Adrian Schrinner Deputy Lord Mayor and Councillor for the Chandler Ward

Premier Campbell Newman

Does anyone know how to find 
Mr John Moore, Mr Russel Haug or Mr Ken Baker?
These men were instrumental in the development of the oval, I would like to talk to them about the history of the land and how it came to have football fields.

There are some precedents set by previous land sales or handovers to council that may help us, and information about traffic light requirements, land development requirements and some hypotheticals that have given us a bit to think about in our strategy.  It has made me aware that we need to start being visible as opponents to the sale of the land. I will be looking for people to help stand with signs near the oval at peak traffic times, people who will put a sign on their fence, people who will take our petition to other playing fields to collect signatures. 
The elected members will not act on our behalf unless we make them feel the heat. It is time for us to 'become the squeaky wheel'