Friday, 31 May 2013

My notes from our meeting with Deputy Mayor Adrian Schrinner


I am not as positive as I hoped I would be after this meeting.

However, the message I heard loud and clear is that we need to email or write to our local members, Councillors, the local paper and anywhere else we can think of to get our message across. 
Take a few minutes and do it now, it doesn't have to be long, just let them know you want to keep the oval for future generations or take inspiration from our petition.

If we say nothing the oval will go - if we tell them that we don't want it sold, we CAN SAVE THE OVAL
Andrew Powell Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection

John-Paul Langbroek Minister for Education, Training and Employment

Ian Kaye Member for Greenslopes

Steve Minnikin Member for Chatsworth

Adrian Schrinner Deputy Lord Mayor and Councillor for the Chandler Ward

Premier Campbell Newman

Does anyone know how to find 
Mr John Moore, Mr Russel Haug or Mr Ken Baker?
These men were instrumental in the development of the oval, I would like to talk to them about the history of the land and how it came to have football fields.

There are some precedents set by previous land sales or handovers to council that may help us, and information about traffic light requirements, land development requirements and some hypotheticals that have given us a bit to think about in our strategy.  It has made me aware that we need to start being visible as opponents to the sale of the land. I will be looking for people to help stand with signs near the oval at peak traffic times, people who will put a sign on their fence, people who will take our petition to other playing fields to collect signatures. 
The elected members will not act on our behalf unless we make them feel the heat. It is time for us to 'become the squeaky wheel' 

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