Friday, 10 May 2013

A quick update of the meeting about the sale of the Whites Hill State College Oval this afternoon.

The motion that the P&C take further action on the matter was successful and voted for unanimously (by p&c members), with 3 people abstaining from voting. There was a room of support from community members with no one from the community speaking against the motion. I counted 66 and a few more came in after that.

Unfortunately due to the conflict with the Queensland Plan Summit in Mackay no local MP's were available to attend the meeting. I believe Steve Minnikin MP for Chatsworth will however be in attendance at our P&C meeting on Wednesday night next week to talk to us. As I am not an executive member of the P&C I do not know what he is going to talk to us about,but I assume that it will be about the reasoning behind the sale and that he will tell us we are so far in debt due to the previous government that it has to happen.

I do not agree! The sale of the land will result in a tiny drop in the bucket of expenditure required to maintain school facilities across qld which is apparently what the school land sell off is to fund.

At the meeting next Wednesday the P&C will decide what action will be taken and how to proceed.

At the meeting tonight I asked people to sign in and provide email and mobile phone contact details so I can keep them up to date with what we are going to do to stop the sale. It was suggested at the meeting that perhaps it is best to form a community action group and we work in with the P&C, that way we are not constricted by rules and regulations that they may be. I have offered to be a 'focus point' for want of a better term for the community group with the P&C. I am a member of the P&C and a parent of a child enrolled in the school so I have no restrictions.

I am new to this blogging thing, so please be patient if I get it wrong!

I have created a facebook group 'Save Whites Hill State College Oval' that you can join to keep updated, or you can email me at and I will send out information that way as well.

I know not everyone is on facebook, or up with computer technology so we will need locals to help us deliver information into letterboxes as well. If you can help with this please let me know via email or facebook.

Together we can do this!

With the community involved we can save our oval!

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  1. Hi Kerryn,

    I'm in the Greenslopes electorate. I'm a friend of a parent from Whites Hill State College, Steve Peek.

    My son was once part of the Xavier Special School annex, before it was sold off.

    I am building a webpage of all the media reports for all school closures/mergers and land sales at my website

    I hope this will help all the P&Cs across the state in seeing what the other groups are up to.

    I am on twitter. You can view me at You don't need an account to view but if you want to interact you'd have to sign up.

    The reason I use twitter is because all the journalists and politicians use it and I can obtain information very quickly.

    David Marler